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We will be closed on the following dates, Sorry for any inconvenience

Holiday Dates 2019

Our 2019 Holiday Dates are as below

Closed Monday 29th July
Reopen Monday 12th Aug

Closed Monday 14th Oct
Reopen Thurs 17th Oct

Closed Monday 23th Dec
Reopen Monday 6th Jan 2019

Please note we may be closed some Saturday mornings ( Normally open 10 till 11 ) please phone Office on 01350 727494 to make sure we are open.


Perthshire Timber Company
Polney Sawmill
Dunkeld Perthshire
Tel: 01350 727494
Fax: 01350 728662
Facebook /perthshiretimber



Round Turners and Strainers and square Wooden post Fencing Products

We are able to advise you on the number and size of square posts, strainers and turners you will need.

Round Strainers and Turners

Round Strainers and Turners

Strainers (we supply typically min 175mm or 7 inch diameter) are used at the start and finish of a wire fence to secure and tension the wire.

Turners, (smaller than strainers, we supply typically up to 150mm or 6 inch diameter) are used where the fence changes direction or "turns".

Strainers and turners tend to be two lengths for normal stock and deer fencing 2.5 m and 3 m
or 8 feet and 10 feet respectivly
The longer lengths are used for 6 feet high deer fences.

Treated Posts

Treated Posts

Shown is treated square posts
1.65 x 75 x 75 or 5 ft 6 in x 3 in x 3 in

We tend to keep a number of common post sizes of 75 x 75 and 95 x 95 ranging from 1.65m up to 3m.

Please phone to check availability at any time.


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